Botulinum Toxin

The first signs of aging are often wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, cheeks, and lips. Wrinkles are a normal feature of the human face. But many people feel wrinkles make them look tired or older.

Wrinkles on the forehead before botulinum toxin injection.

Wrinkles in the forehead are significantly reduced after treatment, even when the patient contracts her facial muscles.

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles, some people choose to have injections (shots) of botulinum toxin. These injections are often called by their brand names, such as Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®. The injections relax certain muscles in the face, and certain wrinkles become less noticeable for a period of time.


The SkinPen micro-needling procedure is a skin rejuvenation procedure that softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. Micro-needling uses tiny needles to create micro-channels in the skin.

In response to these micro-injuries, the body initiates a wound healing process that naturally remodels collagen and elastin.

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BELOTERO BALANCE® is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable filler that completely integrates into the skin tissue.2,3 While some fillers are designed to rebuild facial volume and structure, BELOTERO BALANCE specifically treats moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles such as vertical lip lines above and around the lips.4


  • Integrates with your skin’s tissue

  • Helps smooth your moderate-to-severe etched-in facial lines and wrinkles

  • Maintains normal movement and facial expressions

  • Feels natural to the touch

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